Eucalyptus Globulus II | edition 3


Meet our featured artist, Eloff Pretorius.

“Each of these images is drawn and etched onto a copper plate using a needle and a corrosive liquid. This etching process produces small grooves and textures wherever I drew on the copper. I then cover the plate with ink and wipe the excess ink off by hand until only the etched lines remain. I then manually run the plate and a sheet of cotton paper through an etching press. The pressure of the press causes the ink to deposit onto the paper and voila! you have a print. The inking process is repeated until an identical edition of prints is produced. My favourite thing about this process is pulling the first print off the press, it’s always a surprise to see how the image came out.”

Eucalyptus Globulus II is Edition 3 of this piece and there are 2 available.

Eucalyptus Globulus II | edition 3
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